Meal Planning Inspo


 “Eat the rainbow.”

It’s already Thursday, but I’m only now getting some meal prep and planning done. That’s just how it is after traveling/holidays right? Let me tell you what these beauties will be used for in the next week though, in case you are in the same boat and need a little inspiration.

Red cabbage: inspired by Milk & Honey, I will refrigerator pickle them (click here to find out how) and top everything with it!

Dutch potatoes: Italian sausage, potato, onion and pepper bake

Pears: prosciutto wrapped pears for an appetizer/charcuterie board and also for a kale salad (with toasted walnuts, bleu cheese, shallots)

Sweet potatoes: Roasted for power bowls and breakfast tacos

Lemons: lemon tahini dressing to top power bowls, roasted chicken, broccoli/broccolini

Avocado: power bowls and tacos, mix-in for chicken salad

Radishes: salad and power bowl topper (raw and/or pickled)

Broccoli/broccolini: roasted for power bowls, side with roast chicken

Kale chiffonade: for salads and whatever else I can throw it in!

DinnerBethany Larson