Harissa-Honey Carrot Spirals


 “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” ~John Gunther

These carrot spirals are great to have on hand to create something a little different for breakfast. I get them from the frozen section at Trader Joes and compared to the frozen zucchini noodles (way too watery when cooked), they are definitely a product I will buy again and again. They hold their texture and don’t give off excess moisture, and if you are a carrot lover like me, they taste great! I added a simple sauce combination of harissa (also from tjs) and honey that pairs perfectly with the carrots, and is completely customizable to the level of spice you desire.

To make:

Follow directions on box for carrot spirals (basically remove from freezer, empty package into hot skillet and cook until heated through). While those were cooking I grabbed the harissa and honey, and mixed together about a 1T to almost 1T ratio (this will all depend on your spice preference). Once the carrot spirals were heated through, I added the harissa and honey mixture and stirred though. Then I made a little well, added a small spoonful of ghee and cracked in an egg, covered the skillet and cooked until done. This was a full meal for me, but more eggs can be added to stretch this dish. A simple, delicious dish that would work for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 10 minutes.

BreakfastBethany Larson