The Best Slow Cooked Pork

pork fajitas.jpg

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” ~T. Bert Lance

Here is the process I use for slow cooked pork. Every. Single. Time. Whether I am making it mexican style or for barbecue, it’s the same. Once upon a time I thought you had to add a bunch of “stuff” to make it the best it could be and I might have even gone through a phase of cutting off the excess fat. 😱 But really the star is the meat, so the only thing it really needs is time.

The process starts the night before you want to serve. I used a Boston Butt cut of pork from @hickorynutgap and rubbed the whole thing with a simple dry rub of spices (garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, chili powder), then I put the meat in the crockpot, fat side up, turn the slow cooker to low and walk away. The next morning it is already falling apart and has created its own sauce, so I shred the whole thing so the meat is spread evenly across the bottom of the slow cooker. I then drizzle maple syrup over all of it, turn the heat down to warm and leave it be. By dinner time the top and edges are caramelized so you’ve got a mix of super tender meat with just the right amount of crispy bits. Might be one of my family’s favorite meals.

For this batch, I topped a charred @sietefoods tortilla with a kale chiffonade dressed lightly with lime juice, oil and s&p, then added pork, julienned radish, red peppers and onions, sprinkled with finely diced jalapeño and drizzled with a simple avocado crema and my favorite @cholulahotsauce sauce, chili garlic. Lime slices for an extra squeeze. Dig in and enjoy!

DinnerBethany Larson