Dose Café & Bakery

Today’s breakfast date was at Dose in Nashville’s West End neighborhood. It was packed full of people, which is always a good sign! Tyler and I grabbed a couple seats together in the back of the café, connected to the wi-fi, and got some work finished while we sipped on our coffee. I ordered an almond milk latte and the avocado toast (half order) and Tyler got an iced coffee and bagel with cream cheese. The thing I love about Dose is that they offer breakfast and lunch items all day, so you can get whatever you’re in the mood for at any given time. The entire experience was a pleasant one, and we will definitely be back again!

Dose Café & Bakery.JPG

Tyler and I have also visited Dose’s other location in east Nashville, which was a bit bigger and offered alcoholic drinks in addition to coffee and tea. The east Nashville location also stays open a little later and offers a few more food options as well. We thoroughly enjoyed both experiences, but probably will go back to the West End café since it’s closer to our house.

-West End Location: 3431 Murphy Rd Nashville Tn 37203

Mon-Friday 6am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am-7pm

-East Nashville Location: 1400 McGavock Pike 

Mon-Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am-7pm