Mexican Street Corn


 “Get it while you can.” ~Janis Joplin

Fresh corn is a summer favorite and now is the time to enjoy it! It’s great to freeze too, so stock up! I had some Mexican Street Corn (or elotes) at a restaurant last week and realized just how easy it would be to make and enjoy at home. 


8 ears corn (shucked)

2 T olive oil

½ c mayo

⅔ c crumbled cotija cheese, plus more for garnish

½ c chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish

1 T chili lime seasoning blend from Trader Joe’s (or sub 2 tsp lime zest + 1 tsp chili powder)


Lime wedges for garnish

Combine cotija cheese with mayo, cilantro and seasoning blend. Brush corn with olive oil and season with s&p. Place corn on a hot grill, turning as needed until cooked through and lightly charred (8-10 minutes), you can also cook the corn on a hot grill pan. Once corn is cooked brush each cob liberally with the cheese mixture. Garnish with more cheese, cilantro and lime wedges. Enjoy!