Easy Aperol Spritz

I was recently reflecting on my trip to Venice last year, and remembered one of my favorite moments of the trip: stopping at the cutest little bar along the water that served the most delicious crostini and drinking a refreshing Aperol Spritz, one of Venice's most popular drinks. I decided I had to try to replicate this snack. If I can’t be in Venice, I might as well pretend, right? Below is the recipe for the easy Aperol Spritz I threw together, and if you're interested in the crostini recipe, it can be found here.

Easy Aperol Spritz.jpg

This was my first time making an Aperol Spritz, and it was so easy and refreshing. I combined two shots prosecco, one shot Aperol, a splash of (I used orange flavor, but regular works too) club soda, and an orange slice for garnish. Done and done!

Aperol Spritz.JPG