“I swear it was Friday like 5 minutes ago.”

It’s officially back to school in this household and the past week flew by with last minute shopping, meet the teacher, lunch prepping, etc, etc. And the last thing on my mind this week has been complicated and involved dinners. Enter what I have now dubbed “Pot-achos”. So easy and so delicious. These are great for a simple dinner, but will certainly be making regular appearances during football season! So many options too. I topped ours with shredded chicken, shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, Frank’s red hot and Tessemae’s avocado ranch...but you could use taco meat for a twist on a taco, fajita style with peppers and onions, loaded baked potato with chopped broccoli, bacon crumbles and cheddar cheese or how about a play on pizza with italian sausage, pepperoni and marinara? Let us know what combination you would top your Pot-achos with!

To make:

Roast potatoes: I used klondike rose potatoes, cut into evenly sized wedges. For the crispiest potatoes, I always parboil mine first. Place potatoes in large pot and fill with water until just covered. Bring water up to boil and then simmer until you can pierce the potato with a fork but there is still some resistance. Drain and rinse, and then lay out potatoes on a kitchen towel to dry. Once fully dry, toss just to coast with olive oil and s&p to taste. Spread on parchment lined baking sheet (don’t overcrowd!) and roast at 425° until crisp and golden brown (about 20 minutes, flipped halfway). Top with desired toppings and dig in!

DinnerBethany Larson