Coconut La Croix Cocktail

I put this cocktail together way too late in the week and now I’m out of kombucha and coconut La Croix...they’re already on my grocery list for when I return though...and I can be transported back to our tropical paradise with this simple cocktail. I had my fill of sugary piña coladas this week and this was a great alternative that still felt tropical and beachy. So if you like coconut, this is a great refreshing drink without any of the added sugar.

Coconut La Croix Cocktail.jpg

For each drink, I added 1 shot of vodka with equal parts Hibiscus Ginger kombucha and coconut La Croix (about 1-1/2 shots each) and a squeeze of lime, feel free to adjust to your taste preferences. Try this mix for a tropical and beachy vibe!!

*This hibiscus ginger kombucha is my new favorite flavor even when I’m not making a cocktail! Try it if you see it!