Whole30 Deviled Eggs (8 Ways)

Here I show you eight different topping combinations (based on ingredients I had on hand) to please all of your guests' taste buds. I used homemade mayo (avocado oil, egg, mustard, salt, and lemon… see @thewholesmiths instagram story highlight “mayo” for perfect homemade mayo) so these are Whole30 compliant!

Deviled Eggs.jpg

(pictured top left to right)
1.Avocado + black pepper
2.Lemon zest + black pepper
3.Sriracha sauce (not whole30… you could sub your favorite compliant hot sauce)
4.Plain Jane (no topping)
5.Smoked salmon + dill
6.Jalapeño + paleo bacon
7.Kalamata olive + red onion + tomato
8.Jalapeño + avocado
9.Chives + paprika

I used @fifteenspatulas “Easy-to-Peel Egg” technique to cook the hard-boiled eggs and it worked perfectly! You can search for it at fifteenspatulas.com. After you hard-boil your eggs (I cooked 5 eggs) and they are peeled, dry them off on a paper towel, cut in half, and place the yolks in a bowl with homemade mayo (to taste), a small dollop of dijon mustard, salt, and pepper and mix until you achieve the consistency you want. I put my mixture in a plastic bag, cut one corner of the bag, and squeezed the mixture into each egg white.

Bethany Larson