Whole30 Dirty Chai Latte

chai coffee.jpg

“You can do it.” -Coffee

Michelle from @thewholesmiths is currently guest posting over at @whole30recipes , and I’m having so much fun watching her whip up a myriad of different delicious, healthy food. Oh, and, SHE IS HILARIOUS. The insta stories she’s posting are so funny and entertaining, but at the same time super helpful! On a recent story, she made this Whole30 Dirty Chai Latte, and I had to give it a try. I mean, Chai + Coffee + Whole30… count me in.

You can find her video tutorial on how to make this on the @whole30recipes insta highlights labeled “Whole30 Latte.” All you need for this one is some coffee, almond milk (I used So Delicious), chai teabags (I used Equal Exchange), a blender/immersion blender, collagen peptides (optional… I used Vital Proteins) and coconut oil (I bought mine from Trader Joe’s). I also added some cinnamon and cardamom to give it a little extra flavor. It was so easy, tasty, and comforting… it was the perfect warm drink for yet another rainy day here in Asheville. If you have a few extra minutes this weekend, I hope you try it!

CoffeeBethany Larson