Sweet Potato Breakfast Stacks

SP stacks.jpg

“But first, brunch.”

These Sweet Potato Breakfast Stacks by @thewholesmiths were so simple and fun to put together. Plus, they are paleo and whole30 compliant, and you could easily make them vegetarian! I sadly didn’t have any lemon to make her 1 minute hollandaise sauce, but I did have a lime, avocado, and homemade mayo so I mixed all of that together in a bowl to make an avocado crema instead.

Cook sweet potato slices (drizzled in evoo & s&p) at 400° for 20 minutes flipping halfway through. Stack scrambled eggs, tomato slices, and Aidell’s chicken sausage (sautéed in ghee) and top with hollandaise or make your own sauce when you discover you don’t have a lemon 😂.

You can find the official instructions at thewholesmiths.com and search “sweet potato stacks”. Then have fun crawling down the rabbit hole that is all of Michelle’s other recipes and eventually realizing you’ve spent 3 hours online looking at food. And then ordering her new cookbook, because you have to have everything that is #thewholesmiths