Patatas Bravas Shakshuka

From one delicious dish to the next...these leftovers were just as good as the first time in a shakshuka-like makeover! We made a double batch of Patatas Bravas for our @curatetapasbar inspired tapas night last week, and used the leftovers to create this delicious breakfast.


First you'll need to make your potatas bravas, if you haven't already (for the patatas bravas recipe we used click here). I filled my cast iron skillet with the leftover potatoes (one layer) and sauce (about 1-1/2cups), and set the heat to medium. Once heated through, I gently cracked 4 eggs into the pan and nestled them into the sauce and potatoes. Here you could cover the pan and cook on low for about 10 minutes, or place uncovered in a 375 degree oven for about the same amount of time, or until eggs are set. Once done, I drizzled with aioli and sprinkled some Aleppo pepper and freshly chopped parsley. This would be a fabulous brunch dish, and you could easily fit more eggs to stretch it. Put this on your menu... you won’t regret it!

Here are a few tips for the original Patatas Bravas recipe which came from @thedefineddish : 1) I parboiled my potatoes for about 5 minutes then thoroughly dried them before roasting, I find this results in crispier potatoes. 2) If you want crispy potatoes, don’t crowd your pan! Spread them out, give them room and use a bigger baking sheet if you have to. 3) If you like a bit more heat, I would add some chili pepper flakes when blending up the sauce. This is a keeper of a recipe...make it for sure!!