Paleo Sandwich Bread

paleo bread.jpg

“If it is bread that you seek, you will have bread…” ~Rumi

Bread is something that I don’t need in my #foodfreedom. I usually keep a loaf of gluten free bread in the freezer, but it’s usually months before there is a need to replenish. BUT, I tried this paleo sandwich bread from @paleogrubs( when my Mom made it and I loved it. This is easy to make and doesn’t require rising, kneading or special machines. The result is a great tasting, moist bread that is great for sandwiches or toasted. I used mine today for a BLT sandwich (with my arugula pesto, scroll down for that recipe, mixed into mayo), and will slice up the rest and put in the freezer to pull out when the mood strikes. Go! Make this!

DinnerBethany Larson