Naturally Sweetened Whole30 Coffee

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“Insert coffee to begin” ~The Internet

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I love the weekend ritual of coffee...enjoying a hot cuppa, hanging out with the family, listening to some music. I don’t like my coffee black, but in my food freedom, I avoid sugar and dairy which makes enjoying my weekend coffee a challenge. I did however recently find a non-dairy milk (@so_delicious unsweetened organic almond milk) that I really love with super clean ingredients (great flavor and consistency). So I decided to experiment and make something that I would enjoy while staying true to my food freedom.

I start by removing the pit of a date and put the date in some hot coffee (approx. ½ c) to soak for a few minutes. I then blend it with my handheld immersion blender until the date is finely incorporated and the mixture is frothy. For me the sweetness of that one date will cover 2 cups of coffee. I then fill my cup with black coffee, add my date sweetened coffee to taste, and top with my almond milk. I like a little sprinkle of cinnamon on top! How do you like your coffee?

CoffeeBethany Larson