Harissa & Honey Egg, Potato Hash

egg potato hash.jpg

“Wake up and smell the inspiration” ~The Internet

This is one of those dishes that gets thrown together in a mad rush and turns out to be a forever dish. Came home hungry from a workout and was inspired by a recent post from @primal_gourmet as I was perusing the contents of my fridge. He made a gorgeous Harissa-Honey Roasted Carrot dish and I just knew the harissa-honey combination would be perfect for my @bluemeadowfarms hakurei turnips that I got at the farmers market last week. I also had some leftover roasted dutch potatoes and a bag of carrot coins that I always have on hand. I was hungry, so I heated up my cast iron skillet with some avocado oil and threw in a handful of carrot coins because I knew those would take the longest. While those were cooking I grabbed my other ingredients, mixed together about a 1 to almost 1 ratio of harissa and honey (this will all depend on your spice preference), laid out some arugula drizzled with a tiny bit of balsamic & olive oil/s&p, and then threw my leftover potatoes and chopped turnips into the pan. I let everything brown a bit and get heated through...the turnips are very tender so they didn’t need a lot of time to cook. I pushed all the veggies to the side, added some ghee and cracked in 2 eggs. Cooked until crispy on the bottom and cooked through on the top and put everything on top of my bed of arugula. A simple, delicious dish that would work for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 10 minutes.

🐶 wanted me to share, but I said no.