Best Breakfast in London

Greetings from London! Today’s breakfast is smashed avocado with two poached eggs on a toasted English muffin at Serpentine Bar & Kitchen. I also ordered a latte to go with it, because... I don’t know, I was feeling fancy.  The sun has shown itself every day we've been here so far, and we've heard that's rare, so we picked this spot because of its gorgeous views of Hyde Park and Serpentine Lake. 

london serpentine breakfast.jpg

Things to consider:

-While we loved having breakfast here in the morning after a run in Hyde Park, they also serve lunch and dinner.

-There are two separate areas to order from. One is for coffee/snacks only and the other is for hot food (of course I went to the coffee area to order my food and was told to go in the other line... *sigh* I'll get used to the European way of life one day)

-You have to find a table first, and then go up to order your food so that you can tell them what table to deliver your food (the tables are numbered.) This means, one of us had to stay to reserve our table while the other went to order. I don't really understand this system, but maybe it's because I'm an American heathen. 

-There is a variety of food and'll find something for everyone!

-On pretty days like this one the restaurant was busy, but luckily they have ample seating, so we were able to find a table pretty easily.


The best part of Serpentine is this relaxing view. There's nothing more peaceful than sipping your coffee/tea next to the water and people-watching those who walk by in the park.

LondonBethany Larson