The best way to celebrate the beginning of Spring is by popping a bottle of rosé of course! We used the @vivino App at the grocery store to help us decide which rosé to buy. We ended up with this refreshing bottle of Aimé Rosquesante. 

aime roquesante wine.jpg

Have you ever used the Vivino App? It is our favorite! It can be overwhelming to choose a bottle of wine at the grocery store or when you're out at a restaurant and presented with an insanely long list. What if you buy a bottle of wine and end up hating it? What if you want a good wine but don't want to overpay for it? Well, we've found the Vivino App to be tremendously helpful when we find ourselves in these wine predicaments.

All you have to do is scan the bottle/s and/or wine lists and each wine is given a rating 1-5. We have learned that any wine above a 3.7 with 100+ reviews is a wine we are probably going to like. Aimé Roquesante got a 3.7 on the @vivinoApp with 1,000+ reviews, so it met our criteria. Plus, it was only 12 bucks! It was dry and fruity, making it a perfect apéritif on this beautiful Spring day.