My Favorite Treadmill Interval Run

Lately I’ve been working on integrating variety into my workouts. I’ve been doing a lot of HIIT and strength training, one long run a week, and two interval runs on the treadmill. Below, I’ve written out my favorite interval treadmill routine! It lasts approximately 35 minutes, is good for your heart, and boosts your metabolism. Try it out the next time you’re at the gym 😊

Treadmill Interval Routine.jpg

1 rep:

2 minute jog/run (6.3 mph for me)

30 second slow walk (3.0 for me)

1 minute sprint (8.0 for my little legs)

30 second slow walk (3.0)

3 minute brisk walk (3.5 for me)

*Complete a total of five reps! 

You can always play around with the speed and incline if it gets too difficult or too easy for you. I like this workout, because it never gets boring like running long distance on a treadmill can become for me. Plus, intervals burn more fat and calories and are a great challenge. 👍🏼

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