Jacques Pepin’s Brussels sprouts

What food did you hate as a child, but love now? For me, that would be Brussels sprouts. These days my sprouts never get near a rolling boil which turn them into a soggy mess. Instead, I roast them to get those caramelized edges, or I shred and sauté them. Otherwise, I leave them raw in shredded salads.


This recipe from Jacques Pepin is the preparation that I think prevented my kids from hating Brussels sprouts. (Brussels sprout begins at 12:24 in this video) This would also be a simple and delicious dish for Thanksgiving...sprouts and bacon (a fennel-y sausage or smoky chorizo would be great with this as well) can be prepped ahead of time and the actual cooking process takes just 10 minutes or less.


1 lb. trimmed and cleaned Brussels sprouts

4 slices bacon, cut crosswise into 1/4-inch pieces (about 3/4 cup)

2 T olive oil



Clean and slice sprouts. Cut bacon into 1/4 inch pieces. Cook the bacon until crispy and fat is rendered. Add shredded sprouts, s&p, toss and cover. Cook for 3 minutes (or until softened to your preference). Remove cover, toss again and cook another 2 minutes uncovered.

DinnerBethany Larson