Highland Brewing

95% of my diet is pretty clean. So every now and then I let myself have some pizza, a cheeseburger, a brownie… etc because 1) A girl’s gotta live and 2) A girl’s gotta stay sane. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle daily and occasionally having a meal like this works well for me, so that’s what I do!


Now, let’s talk about Highland Brewing. It’s the best. My favorite beer in the entire world, Cold Mountain, will be released next week! If you haven’t had it, OMG, I feel sorry for you. Their Gaelic Ale is also one of my favorite beers ever, and it’s a little easier to get your hands on. If you are truly gluten intolerant, they also have wine and cider available!

Tyler and I tried out their rooftop bar for the first time on a not-too-chilly fall night this past Wednesday, and we loved it.  I ordered a White Ale and then a Gaelic of course, and Tyler got a couple of IPAs. The view was beautiful, the beer was good as always, and they have a food truck available every day of the week. On their calendar on their website, they conveniently let you know if and when the rooftop is open and what food truck is there that day (why don’t more breweries do this!?) We’d never had Tin Can Pizzeria, but we could tell we liked it, because we ate every last bite.


So if you’re an Asheville Native and haven’t visited Highland lately, you should! Non Asheville Natives… try it the next time you’re here! …Orrrr simply drool over this picture of pizza and beer.



Monday–Thursday: 3-9 PM

Friday–Saturday: 12-10 PM

Sunday: 12-6 PM

Website: https://highlandbrewing.com/


12 Old Charlotte Highway, Suite 200
Asheville, North Carolina 28803