Shake ’n Bake style Seasoning Blend


 "Live life with a little spice."

Here's another one of my favorite staple spice blends, just in time for Thanksgiving! It is the perfect blend for seasoning poultry and root vegetables and squashes, so make up a batch and use it in somewhere in your holiday meal! Does anyone remember Shake 'n Bake? That is what this blend reminds me of (without all the junk).

Combine the following:

2 parts sage

2 parts ground mustard

1 part onion powder

1 part turmeric

1 part oregano

1 part thyme

1 part salt

I used this blend to make @nocrumbsleft Everyday Roasted Chicken and cooked some cubed butternut squash along with it, and this blend was perfection!

Sauces/dipsBethany Larson