7 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Yesterday some friends and I were talking about ways we practice self-care, so I thought I’d share some of them! With work, family, and the ever present daily stressors in our lives, it’s essential to take time for yourself.

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  1. Exercise (outside if you can!)

Did you know that being outside can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression? Add exercise which releases endorphins, and you’ll find that your mood improves, anxiety decreases, and you’ll feel better in general.

2. De-clutter

If you can’t get outside, spend the day cleaning inside. Organize drawers, pantries, and cabinets. Throw out stuff you don’t use (or has gone bad… think refrigerator), create space in your closet by donating clothes you don’t wear, and de-clutter sections of your living space that you’ve been putting off. If this seems overwhelming (something we don’t want to feel while we self-care) simply tackle one area at a time.

3. Sleep in

My sister gets up early during the weekdays for work, and she said that she makes a concerted effort to sleep in on the weekend. No alarms are set and early morning plans aren’t made. She says getting that extra sleep boosts her mood, gives her more energy, and recharges her after a week of work.

4. Put your phone away. Or don’t.

I’ve talked to some people who have said putting away their phone for an hour and doing something else really helps their stress level come down. I find that if your job is social media/looking at screens/being connected, disconnecting can be a great way to self-care. On the flip side, some say watching their favorite YouTuber, playing their favorite video game, and being connected to others helps them de-stress. You could try both, or pick whichever one you feel like would help you the most.

5. Write or read.

Light a scented candle and write down worries or stressors and then write things you can do to help deal with them. Read a non-fiction book for inspiration or escape reality for a bit with a fiction novel.

6. Have a Spa Day

You can do this at home, or if you’ve saved up for it… go get your nails done, girl! At home, a bath with a glass of wine or cup of tea, facial, and watching a chick flick does wonders for the soul. This is probably the most cliché self-care tip, but maybe it’s because it really helps!

7. Cook a healthy dinner

Search Pinterest for a meal that takes some time to create, is healthy, and of course one that looks delicious. Plan what you want, make a list, and go to the store to get what you need. When you get home, turn down the lights, turn up the music, and get cookin’.

What’s important to note is that self-care should be ongoing. Each week, or each day even, try to find some time to do something for yourself.

What’s your favorite way to practice self-care?

RunBethany Larson