Broken Coconut

I’m home now, but last week in New York I was doing my best to divert my eyes from all the pizza slices in NYC (ok yes I did have a bite of my husband’s slice) but I was really trying hard to eat food that fueled me/kept me feeling good while traveling. Luckily I found this cute restaurant, Broken Coconut, for lunch. They have vegan and protein bowls, yogurt, avocado toast, açaí bowls, and the list goes on! I ate steak the night before at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn (amazing btw) so the next day I was in the mood for veggies. 

Vegan Bowl.jpg

I ordered the Vegan Delight: eggplant, whipped purple yam, chickpeas, pea shoots, and pickled daikon. It was a large serving that left me full until dinner time. If you’re ever in NYC and need a healthy option, check this bright and cutely decorated place out. For everyone else, take a look at their menu on their website and try to recreate these creative dishes at home!